Hot on the heals of the hardware comes the software. Now that the rest of the world knows what the Xbox 360 will look like, the list of games to be launched with the console have begun to congeal. Obviously, not all of these will make launch, some might be cut, pushed back, delayed because they’re simply not finished or moved further in the calendar for better holiday sales (I hate when they do that) but at least some of these are going to make it. You can find the complete list HERE at EuroGamer, but here are a few I’m interested in….

Alan Wake (Remedy) – Alan Wake, which is set to be unveiled in more detail at E3 in a cinematic presentation, is Remedy’s first game since Max Payne 2 and is a psychological action thriller according to the developer. It’s also coming to the PC.

Call of Duty 2 (Infinity Ward/Activision) – While current-gen consoles are getting a squad-based game focused on the American 1st Infantry – subtitled Big Red One – the Xbox 360 looks forward to the same content PC owners can expect. Infinity Ward is at the controls, and the expectation is that CoD2 could be the World War II game to end them all. Actually, that’s just hype. But it’s also a hope.

Dead or Alive 4 (Tecmo/Microsoft) – We’re not sure it’s been officially announced yet, but screenshots have been online since 12th May and nobody’s bothered to deny their authenticity. It basically looks like Dead or Alive 3 with a stupendous leap in detail levels. Which is either a good or a bad thing. We have a feeling the truth of its worth may be in the animation system; but, given Tecmo’s wonderful work on DOA Ultimate, the combat should be solid enough to carry it

Dimitri (Lionhead) – Again, this one hasn’t been officially confirmed for X360, but figured in a GameReactor magazine article created in collaboration with Microsoft. It’s another brainchild of Peter Molyneux. “It’s a game about… You,” he said recently. “It allows anyone who plays the game to relive their life, their entire individual life. That’s a pretty ambitious concept.” Moon On The Stick doesn’t currently have a release date.

Full Auto (SEGA) – This sounds ingenious. Rather like Prince of Persia, it has a rewind feature that allows players to turn back time on events that don’t go their way. Except it’s a racing game. So you’ll get Burnout-style spectacular crashes followed by the chance to undo them again. It looks mightily impressive, and word is it was the basis of the gorgeous XNA “Crash Test” demo shown off at the Game Developers Conference in 2003.

Ninety-Nine Nights (Q Entertainment) – Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s Xbox 360 title, featuring lots of very, very shiny men. It’s full of jaw-dropping vast battles and sees the developer angling away from his usual musical influences in a game that looks more like Dynasty Warriors than anything else.

RalliSport Challenge 3 (DICE/Microsoft) – Unconfirmed, but mentioned in the print press. Will it be unveiled shortly? We shall see. Seems like a good bet though; the last two (especially the first) were warmly received by most.

Possession (Blitz Games) – Imagine a strategy game in which you order zombies around. Imagine it’s on Xbox 360. Imagine UK-based Blitz Games is developing it. Oh, well, there we go. Blitz hasn’t been heard from much since Fuzion Frenzy (which, er, wasn’t brilliant anyway, except for the Sumo mini-game), but if you want to announce your arrival on a new platform there are few better ways to do it than making a game about unleashing armies of zombies on innocent human crowds.

Unreal Tournament 2007 (Epic Games/Midway) – Epic Games brings its multiplayer series to Xbox 360. It uses Unreal Engine 3, utterly unsurprisingly, and will involve killing people and guns and vehicles and such. Yes, really.

Looks like a good bunch of games. I was worried it would be all about Halo and Sports titles.