Well, the weekend (my weekend) has just flown by. In that good way that makes you realize you enjoyed it, but flown none-the-less. As my super quick previous post let on, I enjoyed Hitchhickers Guide very much. I wouldn’t say that it was accurate, but it was fun to watch. Kind of like a a movie from a TV series. You’ve seen so much of the characters, you know the storys, so the movies become just another “episode”. If you look at HHGttG like that, it works. If you go into it thinking you’re going to see, and deserve to see, a complete tale about Arthur and friends you’ll be disappointed. This isn’t a Lord of the Rings epic. This is more of a synapsys of the HH universe. A brief overview of the uninittiated. I will agree with most critics however, that the movie was quite “jumpy” and didn’t really like to stay on track at all. It was really all over the place. Some of that was disappointing. Other parts I was almost glad they happened to jump by it as it was funny reading and I’m glad they included it (whale falling anyone?). I was right about the ending. I didn’t expect any less (more) from Hollywood. I would like to mention the opening song (and credits song for that matter). A rousing ragtime rendition of “So Long and Thanks for all the fish” had me rolling. The only really sad part is that after all is said and done, the BBC will have done a better job of being acurate with the series and with a small percentage of the budget. Makes me want to find the old BBC series on DVD. Oh wait, here it is in my download que… silly me.

That was Friday.

Saturday I worked for about half the day and then came home early. Lauren and I got some Casa Ole’ and then headed over to where we’ll be having a church picnic sometime soon. After that we visited with her grandparents and stayed for dinner before heading home.

Sunday I stopped off at EB and picked up a copy of Capcom vs. SNK… which I quickly returned since its complete crap. What I really wanted was Capcom Fighting Evolution (even though I now read that it sucks) but it’s not coming out until July. DOA Ultimate however, had a major price drop (from $49 to $19) so I picked that up for an even trade when I brought back the first game. That, I feel, was a good purchase. Sherzan and I played it for a few hours Sunday afternoon and managed to unlock about half the stuff. Robin and Laurie came over to join the party and I fired up some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill.

Sunday night I had a match so the girls were playing Scene-It (the DVD game) in the other room while I was helping my crew to another stalemate. We’ve been locked in combat with another clan for 2 weeks now and no one has been able to get the upper hand. After 5 rounds of overtime, by league rules increasing the spawn times with each round, we’re up to 1-minute spawns. We’ll play again next week and someone should come out on top. With spawn times that long, one well placed missle, scud, artillery barrage, etc, can wipe out half a team for over a minute. That gives the other team plenty of time to get you where they want you and go for your flag. Defense is the key. I did an ok job, I wasn’t really getting the shots I wanted to and the other team would find my hiding spot right off. I was stationed to watch a long stretch of road from an elevated pirch. Infantry couldn’t see me but tanks and APCs could. I was toast after a few well placed shells and I never fully got back into my groove.

We’ll see how we do this week. I feel confident that we’ll be able to take’em.