Last night Lauren, Robin, Humara, Chrisy, myself and a few random other people went out to Dave & Busters for Robin’s birthday. My groomsman probably remember D&B as the place we went out to for our bachelor party. For those unfamiliar, Dave and Busters is a big arcade, bar and resturant. You can eat, play pool, drink, play arcade games, etc. Anyway, being the complete geek I am, when I was asked to play BattleMech with 6 other people I jumped right in. I don’t know if anyone’s played that game before but it’s basically a big simulator sized version of Mechwarrior for the PC. Only, at an arcade, you get to sit in little pod with a joystick and throttle and speakers thumping in your chair.

Well, it was ugly. I neglected to tell any of the people I played against that I happen to play video games on occasion. I think my final score was 20 kills, 4 deaths and about 12,000 points. I think 2nd place had about 3 kills. They got schooled. I almost felt bad as I ran over a few of them. They all picked the “cool looking” mechs with the fancy designs and lasers and shit. I picked the heaviest mf’er with missle racks AND lasers. It probably didn’t help that the kid they had running it recommended the “smaller, faster mechs” for people who hadn’t played before. That was nice of him. TCC was representing at D&B last night.

Of course, after a night like that, where else can you go but IHOP. We got home around 3am and crashed. Hearing my alarm this morning did not feel good, neither did my “omg, I’ve been to IHOP” stomach ache. Oh well, it was fun.