Lauren’s brother gave me a call last night and said that his friend had tickets to a Houston Aero’s game, center ice. I’m not one to turn down hockey, especially when the seats rock, so off we went. The game wasn’t half bad, the Aeros won 2-0 against a rather pitiful team from San Antonio. When I think of San Antonio, hockey isn’t exactly the first thing to pop into my mind. Then again, the same could be said about Houston. At least it was fun. And with the NHL sesson in the shitter, it’s about all I’ve got. This is actually my 3rd Aero’s game this year and they’ll be more to come. Chris’ friend Jake gets tickets weekly and we’re going back on the 14th. So, huzzah to my brother in law for hooking us up with some hockey. Apparently it was Chris’ first hockey game too. By the end he was yelling “hit the bastard” along with the rest of us. He’ll be a fan in no time.

Hockey, the greatest sport on earth.

Oh, and extra thanks to Jake and his camera phone for the pictures!