I’m practically there

Alrighty gang, I’m almost in New Hampshire. Almost. We fly into Manchester Thursday night around 10pm. That would be THIS Thursday. Just to clarify.

The 30th!

Ok, just making sure you got that.

Not that much going on around here. Lauren is packing things for her parents yard sale this weekend and I’m, well, I’m typing. That and continually modding out my desktop. Check out the new one HERE.

Has anyone tired the new “Pitch Black” Mountain Dew. Don’t bother. If you want grape soda, go find grape soda. Mt.Dew’s half assed attempt is almost laughable. It isn’t even as good AS grape soda. It’s sub-grape. It’s Sams Club quality grape. Need I say more.

Also, has anyone tried either XFire or Pandion? Two different IM apps, two different purposes.

XFire is a game based IM client that basically rolls All Seeing Eye and AIM together. You can both chat with your friends as well as see what game they’re playing, what server they’re playing on and even JOIN the game with a single mouse click. The ability to use it within the game is also a huge plus. No more Alt-Tab’ing to answer an IM and then go back to your game. XFire lets you see the text IN-GAME and respond by using hot-keys to bring up a chat box. Kinda slick.

Pandion is an IM client built for XMPP and Jabber networks. It’s an open-source, cross-platform kinda deal. It does tie into AIM/MSN/YM, etc, but I’ve yet to figure out how. The documentation kinda sucks. It also has the downside of being the most obscure network I’ve ever found. I don’t know a single person using a Jabber network, do you? I’d love to give it a try, but who would I talk to?

Just wondering if anyone’s tried either of those.

Oh, and just for Nagle, cause he asked, here are some more funky t-shirt links…

Jinx.com – Geekish and gaming t-shirts mostly. A few universal ones too, like this.

NeighborHoodies – custom silkscreened hoodies, t-shirts, etc.

American Apparel – trendy “blank” tshirts. No, I don’t get it either.

T-Shirts That Suck – interesting to say the least.

Thread Pit – basically Hot Topic only online, and not Hot Topic…. stupid freak store.

ThinkGeek – If you don’t know this one by now, you probably don’t know me very well…

Threadless.com – definatly a major source for “designer” tshirts. Tons and TONS of different ones. All trendy, all expensive.

Lastly, if you guys want me to bring anything music or game wise, let me know now. I’m planning on bringing Battlefield for Chip at the very least. It’s my firm opinion that everyone needs to have similar addictions to myself. Game wise of course. I wouldn’t want to force my caffine addiction onto anyone else. It’s not pretty.

Ok. I’m out.

Chip, you’ve got to see this…

I was browsing around for some new interesting t-shirts when I found THIS. Tell me that doesn’t resemble Chip in some small way. I think I know what Chip’s getting for X-mas this year. Just think of it, Chip wearing a Chip t-shirt. It would be like Broady’s t-shirt from Mallrats, only cooler.

Also, if you’re waiting for HL2 and foaming at the mouth like I am, check this out. Announced today, HL2 collectors edition… and it has a FIRM street date. Yeah baby, November 1st will be a red letter day to be sure.

Lastly, you’ve just got to have one of these. Or this, perfect for wondering around Bean-Town.

Matt out.

Two turntable and… a… IDE cable?

Sorry for being negligent in my updating. This thing called FABLE happened and I haven’t peeled myself away from the TV in a few days. It’s solid. I’m almost all the way through, playing as a hero, and I can’t wait to play it a second and possibly third time as both an evil guy and/or a middle of the road theif. Sure, it’s not your typical “go anywhere, do anything game”, it’s not a MMORPG or anything. The quests are more or less confined to set paths and there’s little in terms of “exploration”. So what. It’s the choices that give it replay value. Do you save the villager from the deamon or do you help slice him to bits. Do you save your money and buy the things you need or do you wait until dark, bribe a gaurd to take a break, then steal EVERYTHING from a weapon shop. We’re talking depth here people.

Great game. On Matts scale it gets a solid 8 out of 10. 10 being Half-Life and immortal “will be talked about for years” status and 1 being Diakatana or any Star Trek licenced game.

Speaking of things to review, Lauren and I caught Sky Captain over the weekend. Interesting movie. Not great, but worth the $5 matinee price. I really give the film makers credit for trying something different. At every turn I saw camera angles and style I recognized strait out of old black and white classics. Soft focus, muted colors, etc. The story, errr, B+. Not new or ground breaking, but I really don’t think that’s what they were going for anyway. I liked the look of the film and I firmly believe that if the film makers gets his hands on a killer story for his next movie, it’ll be fantastic. Enjoyable though, just sit back and take it all in, and try to ignore Gwyneth Paltrow.

Let’s see, what else is new. Oh, the new Less Than Jake, Flogging Molly, DJ Tiesto and GreenDay albums are solid.

LTJ’s “B is for B-sides” is just that. A bunch of B quality B-sides. Still enjoyable for the LTJ fan but not quite blockbuster, gold record material.

The new Flogging Molly is a fun time as well. But that’s completely a “Matt only” kind of thing. I like these guys. A lot. They’re probably the single band on the planet that has more fun on stage than just about anybody. If you’ve ever gotten really drunk at an Irish bar in Boston and started singing along to old time drinking songs you’re probably the type of person to really dig these guys. If not, well, then have another drink and see how you feel. 🙂

GreenDay. Hmm. The new album “American Idiot” continues the bands move into a style all their own. There are quite a few solid tracks on this one and like all GreenDay albums, it had me singing along in about two or three listens. And the track “Wake Me When September Ends” is the perfect type of ballad to always remember those terrible events of 9/11 and make sure we never forget why we’re free and what we should be fighting for. “St. Jimmy” and “American Idiot” also have me screaming along at the top of my lungs. Good stuff.

Tiesto. Damn. He’s just kickin’ ass and taking names isn’t he?. Wow is all I can say. Wow.

On a more personal note, I just got back from a day long seminar about wedding photography. I learned a lot, mostly about client-photographer relationships, how to sell yourself, how to make people more comfortable, and little tid bits and tricks the speaker had learned throughout his career. One of the major points was to never stop learning, always change your style. Never be afraid to learn something new, even if it is from someone younger and “hipper”. Put your pride away. Because the new kid on the block may be good at what HE does, but if you can learn the technique, YOU can be good at both what he does and what you do. And that makes you all the more valuable.

It was a good talk. It was presented by the PPGH (professional photographers guild of Houston). A group I should be a member off but haven’t filled out the paperwork yet. Pauls said he’ll sponsor my membership.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention how I can’t wait to be back up in New Hampshire. I’m excited to see everybody again. It’s a shame that I’ll only be there for a few days. My family is all getting together on Sunday, so that leaves Friday night and Saturday that I can hang out with you guys, unless of course someone wants to take off a day from work. But I wouldn’t ask you guys to do that. I think we’re going to go into Boston on Monday though, so if anyone’s up for that, let me know. I can’t wait. Not to get sentimental or anything, but I miss you guys. It’s tough to be in a place without close friends, and it’s hard to make new ones. Sorry, I digress.

Ok, I should go. My extra long, 36” IDE cables came from NewEgg today. I’m going to finally move my CD drives up to the top bays of my tower. I ended up buying a new computer desk, the kind where the tower sits in the middle, and of course my CD drives are perfectly 6″ to low to be useful. We’ll fix that! Where’s my screw driver.

Later guys. Matt out.

Now Playing : Green Day – St. Jimmy

Two of the funniest things…

As the great man Lewis Black said, “if it weren’t for my horse”. These kinds of statements boggle the mind. You have to either laugh at them or they’ll make your head explode.

I’ve got two of them for you.

The first was said not 10 feet away from me by a pageant contestant. Not that I’ve ever considered pageant people to be smart… or even slightly educated… but this was a new low. Let me share this little nugget with you:

After a conversation about children…
Make-up Artist: “Yeah, I have a 2 year old, we’ve put her in Montessori school, do you know what that is?
Pageant Moron:”Yeah of course, I went to a Catholic school too…”

I had to leave the room.

Our second genius of the day award goes out to Jeremy Lavine of Period 3 from some random link on the web. A link in our Battlefield team’s forums lead to this page. You can read it for yourselves but I think an excerpt or two is necessary:

“One of the things they have names for is for people who go fishing, go fishing to make a living. If we had a word for this kind of people that word would be “fisherman”. But we don’t.”

When you stand near trees, THEY WILL BE KNOCKED DOWN BY LIGHTNING AND YOU WILL BE KILLED BY LIGHTNING! There is no escape. Lightning will knock down the trees and knock down your soul. Trees are tall.

Oh boy. It occurs to me that these people will eventually have jobs of some sort. I figure that it’ll be really hard to get a decent cup of coffee in a few years. Hopefully they won’t breed.

Clerks and Clerks 2

I let my boss borrow Clerks the other night and it was just returned to me with the phrase “ouch, that sucked” attached. OK, I realize it isn’t Shakespeare, but it’s damn funny for what it is: a very cheaply made movie with friends as actors and sarcasm and toilet humor for it’s main focus. Come on, who doesn’t laugh at the phrase “try not to suck any dick on your way through the parking lot”. Thats funny stuff people. Yeah, I know the actings weak, yes it’s in black and white, yes the plot is thin. Who cares. The very premise of the movie is funny as hell if you’ve ever worked behind a counter. I guess thats the point really. Some people are clerks and some people are customers.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject, the 10th Aniversary Edition of Clerks will be out today. I think I might pick it up although I already have a copy. My original copy is getting a bit worn and I’m a suckers for extras. I could have purchased Monty Python’s Holy Grail when it came out but I figured they’d come out with some uber-special edition and I was right.

And lastly, you all know that Kevin Smith is making a Clerks sequal right? I know Nagle does, I figure the rest of you do too. Just checking.