Alrighty gang, I’m almost in New Hampshire. Almost. We fly into Manchester Thursday night around 10pm. That would be THIS Thursday. Just to clarify.

The 30th!

Ok, just making sure you got that.

Not that much going on around here. Lauren is packing things for her parents yard sale this weekend and I’m, well, I’m typing. That and continually modding out my desktop. Check out the new one HERE.

Has anyone tired the new “Pitch Black” Mountain Dew. Don’t bother. If you want grape soda, go find grape soda. Mt.Dew’s half assed attempt is almost laughable. It isn’t even as good AS grape soda. It’s sub-grape. It’s Sams Club quality grape. Need I say more.

Also, has anyone tried either XFire or Pandion? Two different IM apps, two different purposes.

XFire is a game based IM client that basically rolls All Seeing Eye and AIM together. You can both chat with your friends as well as see what game they’re playing, what server they’re playing on and even JOIN the game with a single mouse click. The ability to use it within the game is also a huge plus. No more Alt-Tab’ing to answer an IM and then go back to your game. XFire lets you see the text IN-GAME and respond by using hot-keys to bring up a chat box. Kinda slick.

Pandion is an IM client built for XMPP and Jabber networks. It’s an open-source, cross-platform kinda deal. It does tie into AIM/MSN/YM, etc, but I’ve yet to figure out how. The documentation kinda sucks. It also has the downside of being the most obscure network I’ve ever found. I don’t know a single person using a Jabber network, do you? I’d love to give it a try, but who would I talk to?

Just wondering if anyone’s tried either of those.

Oh, and just for Nagle, cause he asked, here are some more funky t-shirt links… – Geekish and gaming t-shirts mostly. A few universal ones too, like this.

NeighborHoodies – custom silkscreened hoodies, t-shirts, etc.

American Apparel – trendy “blank” tshirts. No, I don’t get it either.

T-Shirts That Suck – interesting to say the least.

Thread Pit – basically Hot Topic only online, and not Hot Topic…. stupid freak store.

ThinkGeek – If you don’t know this one by now, you probably don’t know me very well… – definatly a major source for “designer” tshirts. Tons and TONS of different ones. All trendy, all expensive.

Lastly, if you guys want me to bring anything music or game wise, let me know now. I’m planning on bringing Battlefield for Chip at the very least. It’s my firm opinion that everyone needs to have similar addictions to myself. Game wise of course. I wouldn’t want to force my caffine addiction onto anyone else. It’s not pretty.

Ok. I’m out.