Today, I’m busy, so there will be bullet points. People seem to like these posts best. Perhaps I’m consistantly long winded. I didn’t think so, but whatever.


iTunes released for windows today. Both the program and the downloadable music site.

Winamp 5 beta also released. After playing with it for a while it seems like AOL is ramping up to make it no longer free. That sucks.

Max Payne 2 in stores.

Verisign is selling NetSol. Don’t know whether to like it or hate it.

You all know that the Red Sox are playing Game 7 against the Yankees tonight right? So why the hell are you reading this… get to you TVs damnit. Unless of course you’re reading this tomorrow… in which case the game is over, so nevermind.

Federal government wants to mandate hardware-level DRM. Not good.

Oh, and if you see red flashes durring Kill Bill. Blame the MPAA.