Remember last summer, when I was complaining that there were no quality CDs to buy, or movies coming out, or shows to see… well, not this summer my friends. Heck no.

Deep Dish will start off the summer June 10th with a massive 4 disk Global Underground set. Global Underground #25: Deep Dish – Toronto.

At Avalon in Boston, Carl Cox will be in town June 27th for Avalon’s 5 anniversary party. A few weeks later, the master of all things techno, Paul Van Dyk, will be there July 18th.

Movie wise, Bowling For Columbine will be release August 19 on DVD, The Animatrix DVD will be out June 3rd, Punch-Drunk Love is out on the 24th, and Chicago will be August 19th.

In theaters, this weekend Finding Nemo and the Italian Job come out. The Hulk, Charlie’s Angels, Terminator 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean are all mid-summer (although I’m not really interested in seeing any of those). SWAT and Tomb Raider are late summer releases (don’t care about those either).

Video game wise, it’s unfortunately bleak. At the moment, Blitzkrieg and Rise of Nations are this only things coming out (or came out this week) that are worth playing. Star Wars Galaxies comes out at the end of June for those who might care (I don’t) and Republic comes out the next day (23rd and 24th respectively). Homeworld 2 comes out at the end of August but other than that, it’s a long long wait all summer for the mother of all games, Half-Life 2, which won’t be out until September 30th. There will be a few minor releases here and there to keep us busy over the summer, but fully expect to still be playing whatever game your playing now, in August.

Despite the lack of gaming, finding a full time job should keep me fairly busy. First finding it, then working at it of course.

Alrighty, on a more personal note, my apartment is pretty messy. I really wanted to clean it up before the Arolfo’s get here tonight (and before my folks get here tomorrow) but I didn’t get to it. I’ve been busy. So, cleaning will have to be done in the middle of packing… which I also haven’t started. Damn, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow. I probably won’t have time to post again until Sunday or so. Tomorrow is graduation rehearsal, packing, family stuff, etc. Saturday IS graduations, all 4 hours of it. Then probably dinner, then more packing. Sunday, my parents leave and I’ll have time to start packing whats left to come with me in the Matrix but since I don’t leave until Tuesday, I’ll probably relax a little.

The basic plan is for my brother to stay down here with me and drive back with me on Tuesday. Lauren’s also leaving Tuesday with Sara. So, 90% of the packing and preparations need to be done by Sunday morning, but I’ve got another 2 days to pack my car after that.

After that it’s 2 days on the road (or one really long one if you drive it strait) and then I’m home… unemployed and broke. Then the job search begins. I’ve already got 20+ names, phone numbers, etc, of NH and MA area commercial photographers. It’ll just be about making the rounds to see who needs a full time assistant at that point. If that doesn’t work out, I look for web work. If that doesn’t work out, I start looking in the Houston area and find something little to hold me over. Fingers crossed folks, fingers crossed.