More randomness. Is anyone having

More randomness.

Is anyone having trouble seeing the roll-overs at the top? I get weird “qwerks” when I view them on different browsers. For example, the G4’s at the photo lab see all the images with the exception of “links” which they refuse to recongnize. That was in IE5. Here at home everything works fine in IE, but under Netscape it takes a full second for them to show up… have I mentioned that they’re preloaded? Just thought I’d ask. Not that it’s a big deal, just me being curious.

I’m also debating with myself as to whether or not to drive back down town to class. Half of me wants to go directly back to bed this instant. The other half knows that I need to turn in my assignment and hear about Monday’s upcoming shoot. I hate that half. Maybe I’ll just stay for a few minutes, turn in my stuff and leave, hopefully being able to get home by 4-4:30 and go to bed.

I really wish I felt better. I can’t believe I got this damn cold. I had avoided getting sick for months and now, just when I need rest, I get sick. Which is also the most likely reason why I got sick: being tired. When you get tired and run-down you’re more likely to catch colds and the flu. At least that’s what my mom tells me.

I should also remind myself to watch Hockey tonight. The Flyers are playing the Red Wings and it should be a good game. But, that’s only if I’m still awake when it comes on.

Oh well. That is all.

Such randomness. Today it’s about

Such randomness. Today it’s about 35 degrees out. Yesterday it was about 75. The change is great. I wish I wasn’t awake at the moment, but it’s great non-the-less. I wish I wasn’t awake because I feel that I’m getting sick and I really don’t want to. I’m drinking OJ non-stop and I’m going to pick up some vitamins after class. I should also sleep a lot. Sleep is the only thing that kills sickness in my opinion. The way I figure it, if you’re going to be medicated, you might as well be horizontal when you do it.

But yesterday was fun. The oven was “broken” over at Lauren’s place so we header over to my apartment to use our oven. The plan was to make a large lasagna and have Josh and Liisa over to help eat it. We also ended up making salad, garlic bread and brownies.

Then last night after I dropped Lauren off I finished my work on the nav bar (above) and the splash page. I kind of like it, but I’ll probably change it anyway. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Today I’ve got to remember to pick up my film at the photo lab before my 3:00 class. Hopefully it turned out well. We’re also trying to learn Flash in class this morning but my brain just won’t have it. I have NO caffine in my system, my head is getting stuffier and stuffier and it’s to early to be doing this shit. I want sleep. Sleep is good.

Plus I’m hungry. Hungry and sleepy are not a good combonation. Damn.

I also complain to much.

You may carry on.

You happy now? Huh? New

You happy now? Huh? New text color… just to make you bastards with dark monitors happy. TURN YOUR BRIGHTNESS UP NEXT TIME!!! Anyway, just showin’ my love for you morose mf*ers.


well… shit on me… now

well… shit on me… now I’m kind of happy I didn’t expand my DVD collection 100 fold…

“The world’s Big Nine electronics companies have swallowed corporate pride and agreed on a single standard and name – Blu-Ray – for the next generation video and computer optical disc. Although good for the consumer, they are putting the future of their fledgling recordable DVD systems in jeopardy.

Blu-Ray is backed by Hitachi, LG, Matsushita (Panasonic), Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Thomson. Only Toshiba, the main inventor of DVD, and JVC, which has a vested interest in VHS, are missing.

The new format will use a blue laser for recording and playback. A single-sided 12 centimetre Blu-Ray disc stores 27GB of computer data, records 13 hours of broadcast TV or holds 2 hours of High Definitioneo.

Prototypes already exist, and have been demonstrated by Philips, Sony and Panasonic. Licensing for manufacture begins within a couple of months and the first Blu-Ray recorders could go on sale next year.

Read the rest of the story over at Deviant Art.

Whee… another fun filled day

Whee… another fun filled day of fun… or something like that. Actually, I’m just going to class and then to Lauren’s for lasagna (sp?). But for some reason I feel pretty good today. I also got things accomplished last night. I’m 95% done on a new splash intro page for the site. There really wasn’t any reason to do one, but I figured I might as well do something cool that I can turn into Flash later. So, I did kind of a mock window with a funky little design inside it. I figure when I go to make it Flash, I can have the design move around in the background and the buttons will highlight and do something nifty. But, as it stands now it’s pretty cool. I got some advice from Nagle on it last night and I’ll be making some tweaks to it tonight. So, look for the new splash later this evening.

carry on.