More randomness.

Is anyone having trouble seeing the roll-overs at the top? I get weird “qwerks” when I view them on different browsers. For example, the G4’s at the photo lab see all the images with the exception of “links” which they refuse to recongnize. That was in IE5. Here at home everything works fine in IE, but under Netscape it takes a full second for them to show up… have I mentioned that they’re preloaded? Just thought I’d ask. Not that it’s a big deal, just me being curious.

I’m also debating with myself as to whether or not to drive back down town to class. Half of me wants to go directly back to bed this instant. The other half knows that I need to turn in my assignment and hear about Monday’s upcoming shoot. I hate that half. Maybe I’ll just stay for a few minutes, turn in my stuff and leave, hopefully being able to get home by 4-4:30 and go to bed.

I really wish I felt better. I can’t believe I got this damn cold. I had avoided getting sick for months and now, just when I need rest, I get sick. Which is also the most likely reason why I got sick: being tired. When you get tired and run-down you’re more likely to catch colds and the flu. At least that’s what my mom tells me.

I should also remind myself to watch Hockey tonight. The Flyers are playing the Red Wings and it should be a good game. But, that’s only if I’m still awake when it comes on.

Oh well. That is all.