You know, at some points I feel bad for missing classes. Friday I did not. Hense, I won’t make appologies. Because the question of “why weren’t you in class” always comes up. My answer today was “I felt like sleeping.” I was tired, so I slept. Everyone else can deal. I almost made it two in a row today. I didn’t sleep all night, I woke up with a headache and a bloodshot eye and I pretty much felt the need to continue sleeping. But I knew I shouldn’t, so I got up. I think I’m actually going to stay downtown and work in the studio durring my normal “lunch break” time of 11:30-2:30. I’ll set up my stuff in Studio and start shooting so that when class rolls around at 3, I’ll be done and can go home. At that point I’ll take a nap and not get up until later this evening. Ok, class time.