You know it’s been a good concert when you still have hearing loss after the second day. Hehe. Well, sorta. It could just be that my ears are acting funky because of my cold. Which is probably a better explination. Anyway, if you couldn’t guess, Saturday night was the show to end all shows. Chris and I have “lists” of DJs we’ve always wanted to see. While some of the DJs on our list may be different, we both agree that #’s 1 & 2 just got crossed off. There are a scant few DJs would I’d still like to see, but all DJs will be mesured by Saturday’s standard from now on.

1&2: Sasha & Digweed – CHECK
3: Paul Van Dyk – CHECK
4: Paul “I’m an ass” Oakenfold – CHECK
5: Deep Dish
6: Carl Cox – CHECK
8: Sandra Collins
9: Seb Fontaine
10: Nick Warren

Lets see, what else. Oh ya, house sitting is going good. The cats don’t complain much and the house is very nice. I sent Chip an email with my phone number in it since he didn’t have it. Hopefully we can do something this week. I’m getting rather bored. I think I’m going to go fix some breakfast and play some Civ III. Later.