Ok, to elaborate on my

Ok, to elaborate on my shitty day. After putting on the spare tire last night, I came in, took a shower and went to bed. Approximatly around 3am. At 7am, my alarm went off. Doing the math, that’s about 4 hours of sleep. By 8am I was driving into town and going to class. I was so tired that merely keeping my eyes open required two KMXs (mmm, tasty). Around 11am, after working in the darkroom all morning, I almost feel asleep standing there, and as I snapped out of it, I turned on the light to re-orient myself, not realizing in my sleep induced stupor that my box of photo paper was still out and opened. Now, it doesn’t take a chemist to figure out that once the light comes on, that box of “light sensitive” paper is ruined. So, after throwing $50 into the trash can I nearly burst into sobbing girlish tears as I realized it was time for Digital class. I was in no shape to go but I went anyways and turned in my work. I left early though so I could get the car taken car of. I went to Savannah Tire and they said they could “patch” it for about $15, which made me feel a little better. Hopefully they’ll be able to patch it and I won’t have to buy a whole new one, which is around $45. So, add this to the fact that my credit card was ripped off (did I tell you guys that) and that means that Matt is very much out of money. I’m home now, and I think that a nap is the best possible thing for me to be doing. So, I will.

Ok, now I’m pissed. SHIT,

Ok, now I’m pissed. SHIT, PISS, FUCK! I just spent an hour changing my tire in the rain. Damnit! Thank goodness Jason was able to give me a hand. Ok, I was going to go with Pete to the Diner, he was kinda in the dumps so I figured it might cheer him up and get him out of the house. In the two blocks it takes to get there, I must have driven over something, or maybe the tire just gave out, because as soon as we pulled in, I could here the hissing of air. We quickly drove back, not wanting to be stranded at a diner for hours waiting for AAA.

When Jason came back, I told him what happened and he offered to help put the spare on. After a HALF HOUR spent trying to get the fucking hubcap off, we finally got the now completely flat tire off and put the donut back on in it’s place. So, tomorrow, after class, it’s off to the tire place I go, to get a new tire on the car. This shouldn’t have happened, I just got a whole net set. DAMNIT! Arg. So, now its 2:15am and I’ve got to be up by 7 to get to class.

Please, someone tell me they’re

Please, someone tell me they’re not serious. The record industry that is. It seems there’s an evil little product from Macrovision’s SafeAudio that inserts “bad” error-correction codes, which audio CD players can interpolate around, but higher-precision CD-ROM drives don’t, effectively preventing you from listening to or ripping any tracks on your PC. Story here.

Random stuff to check out:

AdAware – removes Spyware stuff.. very cool.

MyNapster – Open source freeware file sharring program.

WinCustomize – skinning resource and archive.

Be back, more randomness later.

I just had the most

I just had the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Lauren, Nagle and I went downtown to Cafe M, this cool little jazz club, sat there and had drinks and listened to swing’in jazz till it was time to leave. I love jazz. The little trio really ran the gamut when it came to songs. Everything from “My funny valentine” and “It had to be you” to “It don’t mean a thing” (my personal favorite). We’re going to have to do that again. If anyone is looking for me on Friday and Saturday nights, I’ll be down at the club, fedora and cigar in hand, enjoying some of this town’s finest jazz. Later.