Ok, now I’m pissed. SHIT, PISS, FUCK! I just spent an hour changing my tire in the rain. Damnit! Thank goodness Jason was able to give me a hand. Ok, I was going to go with Pete to the Diner, he was kinda in the dumps so I figured it might cheer him up and get him out of the house. In the two blocks it takes to get there, I must have driven over something, or maybe the tire just gave out, because as soon as we pulled in, I could here the hissing of air. We quickly drove back, not wanting to be stranded at a diner for hours waiting for AAA.

When Jason came back, I told him what happened and he offered to help put the spare on. After a HALF HOUR spent trying to get the fucking hubcap off, we finally got the now completely flat tire off and put the donut back on in it’s place. So, tomorrow, after class, it’s off to the tire place I go, to get a new tire on the car. This shouldn’t have happened, I just got a whole net set. DAMNIT! Arg. So, now its 2:15am and I’ve got to be up by 7 to get to class.