Well, I went down and

Well, I went down and paid my tuition balance today. Luckily I was able to put in on my credit card so it wouldn’t come strait out of my bank account. That way the loans should be there in time for the monthly credit card bill and I can even everything out. As I was paying, I noticed a small memo off to the side. It mentioned something about direct deposit and so I asked. Apparently, SCAD has finally come into the 21st century. For two years, whenever I had a credit in my account (extra $), I had to walk down to the Bursars office, request a refund check, wait a week, go pick it up, sign it, mail it over-night to my parents and they could deposit it for me. Finally, this tedious practice is over. Now I can simply call on the phone, request my balance, and request a refund. In a few day it will appear in my account. Great!

Besides that stuff, I think my second hard drive is failing. After a frightening “blue screen” this morning, my machine rebooted with no trace of it’s second hard drive. I paniced, opened up the machine, played around, played with the BIOS and luckily it came back. I guess it just forgot I had one. Either way, it’s about time to reformat it anyway. I’m gonna back up my stuff this afternoon and if it does it again I can just format it.

I guess at some point today, Kimberly want to go see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Nagle offered to take her and invited my along as well. I usually don’t see movies more than once in the theater due to the prices, but this one is worth it. Sure to won’t win any awards and some of the acting is pretty cheesy (Will Ferrell) but it’s a “fun” movie and I definatly enjoyed it the first time around.

I also got my package from JCPenny today. I had ordered a set of sheets since I only had only one set to begin with. I found a fairly inexpensive set labeled “Sheridan Seamless Satin Sheet Set”. It was on sale for only $40. Which, if you think about it, is really good for both Satin and a set of Full sheets. Well, when I opened the package I realized why they were on sale, they were a Satin & Polyester blend. They’re still very nice, but they’re not as “smooth” as I was hoping for. Still, they’ll make my very comfortable bed even better than just plain old cotton sheets. Ok, it’s lunch time and I hear Hot Pockets calling my name. Later.

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Today has been a mildly

Today has been a mildly productive day. Around 2pm, Pete and I went downtown to Propes Hall to see the Bursar. In case the word “Bursar” is new to you, it’s basically the financial aid office and acedemic advising office rolled into one. Pete needed to get some financial aid stuff worked out and I was just checking on the status of my account. Turns out that my balance from previous quarters was almost enough to pay for this quarter entirely. I had only a $360 balance due. The bad news was (and it was a good thing I checked) that my financial aid paper work for this semester was stuck in “processing” limbo. The bursar told me that since Saturday was the deadline and there was no way the paper work would be pushed through on time (because they’re lazy) that if I didn’t pay the $360 by Saturday I would be charged a late fee of $150. To me it seems silly to wait for my paperwork and get zapped for $150, so tomorrow I’ll go back down and write a check for the balance. Then, two weeks from now, when they finish processing things, I’ll have a credit in my account, which I’ll use to pay myself back. The point is, if they would get off their butts and finish students paper work on time, no one would have to do things like this… or is that just their plan. To make kids be late in order to charge them late fees. Its seems like an evil conspiracy to me… or I’ve been watching the History Channel too much.

After that, we stopped by O-House to see if Nagle was in yet. Unfortunatly not, but we did leave a message for him to call, which he did. We’ll probably end up seeing the Senior Film Show tonight. I wasn’t planning on going originally, but since everyone else seems to think it’ll be cool, I might as well tag along.

Other than that I’ve been collecting icons all evening. “What on earth does he mean”, you ask? Well, I found a copy of one of my all-time favorite programs that had been updated for Windows 2000. It’s called iPhile. Its made by an icon artist named Scrow and is available over at virtual-plastic. VP is a great site for just about anything you want to do to your desktop. Everything from desktop tools (extra tool bars, virtual windows), to icon tools (changers, creators, packagers) to changing your startup logos or replacing your calculator. Great site. From there I realized I hadn’t reinstalled my icon collections from the last time I upgraded. I found all the collections I had before and then some. I’ve also got some great links for you guys to check out. First, go check out GUI Galaxy, a nifty portal to hundreds of other sites full of icon collections and design groups. Then check out Ra’s Page, a weird collection of urban art, drum and bass beats, icons with attitude and some cool flash stuff. I was really impressed. Then check out Pixture, a japanesse pixel pusher with a icon talent for making just about anything. Hundreds of great sets. Lastly, check out Virtual Plastics own directory of essential icon collections so you can see the tons of great artists I’m leaving out, simply for space reason. Anyway, I’m going to go play with about 500 icons now, then I’ll be off to the video show. Later.

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Well, I got bored this

Well, I got bored this morning and changed the color of the bar to the left. It was blue, now it’s gray. At one point this morning, the whole freakin’ page was green, but I changed it back.

Well, I got bored and

Well, I got bored and changed the color of the scroll bar today. It won’t show up for Opera users, I’m not sure about NS since my copy of Netscape decided to become corrupt this morning, but it looks fine in IE. I also took a little trip over to the office to tell them I got a new car, just incase they tow mine away thinking its not supposed to be there. Later tonight I’m gonna do a load of laundry (how exciting) and then head over to visit Jeff who also just got back to town. After that I’ll probably come home, give Lauren a call and throw in a movie. Ah the life of a college boy. Hehe. Later.

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Well, today Pete and I

Well, today Pete and I (after setting up the cable modem) took a ride out to Sam’s Club and got some more food. I picked up a 15 bottle pack of Arizona Herbal Tea and a giant bag of Tostitos. Pete picked up some regular ice tea and a blender. We needed the blender simply because we didn’t have one. That and a microwave were the two appliances we didn’t have. One down, one to go. So, with the blender in hand we made plans to make virgin margirita and milk shakes later tonight. When we got home I surfed the web for a while while Pete struggled to get his computer back to 100%. He had installed Win2k yesterday and was having a few minor issues. Later I made up a batch of my green curry with rice and a salad. I love having my own kitchen. Afterwards, Pete’s film buddy Michelle came over to visit and they made milkshakes.

In Random News: Microsoft went Gold with Windoze XP today, check that story out at Betanews if you get a chance. I personally don’t care about XP but Chris seems to think it’s “da bomb” and the beta testers seem to agree. I also DL’ed a copy of IE6 tonight. This, despite a few draw backs, I like. The biggest thing it’s got going for itself is the speed. Web pages appear instantly after being downloaded. So, if you’ve got a fast connection, it’s instantaneous. Very cool. I still don’t like it’s blatant security holes and the fact it’s part of the .net movement, but it is an improvement over mozilla engines, opera and older IE engines.

Thats about it. I didn’t get done what I wanted to get done today, but I got other things done instead, so I guess it’s ok. Ok, I’m gonna go take a shower, again. Damn this heat. Later,

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