Well, today Pete and I (after setting up the cable modem) took a ride out to Sam’s Club and got some more food. I picked up a 15 bottle pack of Arizona Herbal Tea and a giant bag of Tostitos. Pete picked up some regular ice tea and a blender. We needed the blender simply because we didn’t have one. That and a microwave were the two appliances we didn’t have. One down, one to go. So, with the blender in hand we made plans to make virgin margirita and milk shakes later tonight. When we got home I surfed the web for a while while Pete struggled to get his computer back to 100%. He had installed Win2k yesterday and was having a few minor issues. Later I made up a batch of my green curry with rice and a salad. I love having my own kitchen. Afterwards, Pete’s film buddy Michelle came over to visit and they made milkshakes.

In Random News: Microsoft went Gold with Windoze XP today, check that story out at Betanews if you get a chance. I personally don’t care about XP but Chris seems to think it’s “da bomb” and the beta testers seem to agree. I also DL’ed a copy of IE6 tonight. This, despite a few draw backs, I like. The biggest thing it’s got going for itself is the speed. Web pages appear instantly after being downloaded. So, if you’ve got a fast connection, it’s instantaneous. Very cool. I still don’t like it’s blatant security holes and the fact it’s part of the .net movement, but it is an improvement over mozilla engines, opera and older IE engines.

Thats about it. I didn’t get done what I wanted to get done today, but I got other things done instead, so I guess it’s ok. Ok, I’m gonna go take a shower, again. Damn this heat. Later,

Current Mood: Still Jubilant