Today has been a mildly productive day. Around 2pm, Pete and I went downtown to Propes Hall to see the Bursar. In case the word “Bursar” is new to you, it’s basically the financial aid office and acedemic advising office rolled into one. Pete needed to get some financial aid stuff worked out and I was just checking on the status of my account. Turns out that my balance from previous quarters was almost enough to pay for this quarter entirely. I had only a $360 balance due. The bad news was (and it was a good thing I checked) that my financial aid paper work for this semester was stuck in “processing” limbo. The bursar told me that since Saturday was the deadline and there was no way the paper work would be pushed through on time (because they’re lazy) that if I didn’t pay the $360 by Saturday I would be charged a late fee of $150. To me it seems silly to wait for my paperwork and get zapped for $150, so tomorrow I’ll go back down and write a check for the balance. Then, two weeks from now, when they finish processing things, I’ll have a credit in my account, which I’ll use to pay myself back. The point is, if they would get off their butts and finish students paper work on time, no one would have to do things like this… or is that just their plan. To make kids be late in order to charge them late fees. Its seems like an evil conspiracy to me… or I’ve been watching the History Channel too much.

After that, we stopped by O-House to see if Nagle was in yet. Unfortunatly not, but we did leave a message for him to call, which he did. We’ll probably end up seeing the Senior Film Show tonight. I wasn’t planning on going originally, but since everyone else seems to think it’ll be cool, I might as well tag along.

Other than that I’ve been collecting icons all evening. “What on earth does he mean”, you ask? Well, I found a copy of one of my all-time favorite programs that had been updated for Windows 2000. It’s called iPhile. Its made by an icon artist named Scrow and is available over at virtual-plastic. VP is a great site for just about anything you want to do to your desktop. Everything from desktop tools (extra tool bars, virtual windows), to icon tools (changers, creators, packagers) to changing your startup logos or replacing your calculator. Great site. From there I realized I hadn’t reinstalled my icon collections from the last time I upgraded. I found all the collections I had before and then some. I’ve also got some great links for you guys to check out. First, go check out GUI Galaxy, a nifty portal to hundreds of other sites full of icon collections and design groups. Then check out Ra’s Page, a weird collection of urban art, drum and bass beats, icons with attitude and some cool flash stuff. I was really impressed. Then check out Pixture, a japanesse pixel pusher with a icon talent for making just about anything. Hundreds of great sets. Lastly, check out Virtual Plastics own directory of essential icon collections so you can see the tons of great artists I’m leaving out, simply for space reason. Anyway, I’m going to go play with about 500 icons now, then I’ll be off to the video show. Later.

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