OMG! Chris, you foo!!! Nooooo!

OMG! Chris, you foo!!! Nooooo! Well, it seems Chris has given in to the tauntings of his friends and family. He got a haircut yesterday. This is saddening, it truely is. *pause* Nah, I’m just foolin’ with you dude. I hope you didn’t get it all chopped off though. At any rate, today was bloggin’ day. I tried to catch up on everyone’s journal and see what everyone’s been upto. For those of you who don’t have one… get one! Besides cutting his hair, it seems that my boy Chris has become someone’s sugar-daddy, in a friendly, non-sexual way mind you, but that’s ok. Now I see why he didn’t call me this weekend… he was “busy”. hehe, just polking at you pal. Chip hasn’t updated his journal in a while, but I’m assuming that since he hasn’t updated it that he must be busy with other interesting things. Congrads there. Other than that, the boys got together for some games this weekend and I chilled on the couch with a stack of DVDs. I also got a commission from my uncle to work on a landscape/outdoor series of photos. I’m getting $450, but the cost of supplies has to come out of that, so it should be around $300 when I’m done. Not bad for starters. I might be able to afford those upgrades now. Or maybe a nice digital camera… more than likely it will just go towards rent though. Every little bit helps. Ok, I think I’m going to take a run now. Yes, you heard me right, a run. I was spurred on by Chris’ effort to lose those college pounds and figured I might give it a try as well. Later.

Ok, so I’m a few

Ok, so I’m a few days behind… at any rate, the new Jay and Silent Bob trailer is out. Check it out over at NewsAskew. Other than that, it was boring life in a borring town. (wow, that sounds like song lyrics, wonder why?) I finished off that Ben & Jerry’s, looked for a second job (and might have found one), and played Bejeweled a lot. Thats it. See, told you it was borring. I might whip up some web stuffages soon, just to keep my 1337 skillz on edge. Kidding. Later.

Ha! For those of you

Ha! For those of you who thought I was nuts, that a copy of BeJeweled for Windows didn’t exist and that I had been imagining what I had been playing, I present THIS. Thats right folks. BeJeweled for Windows. Hehe, and you can find the crack for the trial version online as well, althought I probably shouldn’t tell you where. Hehehe, let the addiction continue! Later.

I went to the store

I went to the store today to pick up some of the basics, OJ, bread, eggs, sugar, that sort of stuff. I also picked up a little Ben & Jerrys on my way out. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed some “From Russia with Buzz” and I was amazed. It’s a combination of white russian liquoir, coffee ice cream, choclate chucks, espresso ice cream and espresso beans. Basically, coffee with a buzz. It was great. I believe its my new favorite ice cream. Surpassing my previous favorites “Chunky Munkey” and “Cherry Garcia”. A feat with is very hard to do. Anyway, you can probably tell that I’m extrememly bored tonight since I’m writting about ice cream. I’m going to mindless browse the web now. Later.

I just finished going through

I just finished going through the 12 page story of Bob Kolody’s legal battle with Coca-Cola. This isn’t just a legal battle though. What started as a simple debate over copyright issues has turned into the largest media cover-up and breakdown of this country legal system since Watergate. The kicker is that no one has heard about it. Which, for a while, made me believe that the story was fake. After some brief digging, I found that not only the story was true, but so were all of the court cases, filled in the 7th district of Illinois (Chicago). This story details the battle of one man and his legal team to uncover the corruption in the court systems, the secrete corporate espionage and the connections between Coca-Cola and the CIA and their secret involvement in cold war activities. The corruption continues all the way to the highest court in the land, the Federal Court of Appeals. I wish this was a joke, but as far as I can tell it’s not. If you’d like to read more, check this. It’s a long read, but if you’ve got some spare time, I suggest you take a look. I’m gonna get some sleep. This all seems like one big John Grisham novel to me. Later.