Blarg. I just spent all night in the darkroom, it’s very less than fun. Let’s see: 12-5:30 class upstairs, learning things I don’t care about and having a generally shitty time. 5:45-9, first batch of negatives, tonight was 4×5 night. I had about 20 to do, 3 at a time, 40 mins each set. Yippee. 9:30, break time, just long enough to swallow some Mt. Red and talk to some random people in the darkroom. 10:00, last of the negatives are done and being put into the dryers, started working on prints for the still-life project. 11:00, realized that I was very tired and that I was becoming stupid in the head the more I looked at the prints I was making. Decided to call it a night. Called Lauren who came a picked me up. Went out to the Diner and got some food in my system. I was very hungry. Night, night. It’s Matt’s sleepy time. Sssshhh… you’ll wake hime up. Later.