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Scan Backlog


Going through the backlog

Part 1

Matt “Doc” Perry, Creative Idiot, Texas

June 30th, 2021

When your card shelf is full, and your scan folder looks like this, it’s probably time to actually do something with those. I’ve got scans going back to April of 2020 that I had every intention of posting but never got around to. Don’t worry, I won’t post all of them, just some of the more fun ones, and a few player collections I’ve been focusing on.

I also, mid-pandemic, had been placing various orders with COMC and Sportlots, to be held in their “box” services, and then just a month or so ago had them all shipped my way. I’ll do a separate post (maybe) on the things I found out in the wild (Target) during 2020 and into early 2021, but this post is primarily player collections and in bulk.

Bobby Dalbec

Having ignored the rookie card phenomenon for the most part, I realized I had some not insignificant regrets with several players over the past couple years. For the longest time I held the opinion that “if I found one, I found one” and I would hold on to them. If I didn’t, well, so be it.

In some respects I wish I had paid more attention with players like Betts, Trout, Harper and the like. I have 3 true Mookie rookie cards (at least the one everyone wants). I have 1 Mike Trout rookie. I have 2-3 Harper rookies, etc…

I want to make a clear distinction though, I dislike the “market” aspect of rookie cards. I’m not grading these and selling them. I have not, and will not fall down that rabbit hole of “I have a PSA 9, autographed Bowman Chrome of…”

That said, when I say I’ve increased my interest in rookie cards, it’s merely from the “pokemon” perspective. Gotta catch’em all. I like the variety, and I like having cards for my (new) favorite players.

Bobby Dalbec fell into that category whilst the pandemic raged. I wanted to make sure I had my bases covered, so to speak, with rookie cards.

I already had the “Prismatic Prodigies” due to my love of Bowman Platinum, but most of these are new. That “Prospect Materials” is 6/10 and has two ridiculously nice patch pieces. I’d have to look back to see what I paid for that thing, but I’m pretty sure I absolutely stole it for next to nothing.

Alex Verdugo

I had started picking up Verdugo cards pretty much as soon as the trade with Betts had been announced. I don’t want to say I knew it was a good trade, but I had a hunch. I really enjoy watching him as a player. He’s got the hustle of Pedroia, a canon for an arm, and what seems like a great attitude in general. If we had to trade Betts, I’m glad we got someone like Verdugo in return.


It’ll be my never ending quest, but I’m pretty determined to make my Nomar player collection really extensive. I’m already at 34 complete binder pages, or 300+ cards (assuming a couple duplicates).  I’m at the point where I have to sort through and make sure I didn’t have a card before I order it, and admittedly my system isn’t perfect. There’s 2 or 3 dupes in this bunch. I’m also prone to “upgrade” cards to ones in better condition, or re-buy cards that I already have in a different place. For example, I have this Upper Deck Future Foundations card already (first scan), but it’s autographed. So, I re-bought the base card, along with the Silver Signature variation. I also have the ’94 UD Top Prospect, but it’s graded. This one will go in the binder.

Tim Wakefield

I don’t have nearly the Tim Wakefield collection I’d like, but I manage to add a couple cards here and there. Every time I add a new seller to my list in Sportlots, there’s always a couple searches I do through their inventory. “Wakefield” is one of them. I’m particularly fond of the 1993 Pacific Spanish version. I thought that was an unique add to the collection.

Brock Holt

Sadly the Brock Star is no longer with the Sox, but as my 2nd major player collection, there’s no reason to stop picking up cards. The goal is to complete the entirety of his Prospect through Sox years, and I’m actually fairly close to that. These were either random fill-ins, 2020/21 additions, or like some of the Nomar cards, repeats for ones I already had but were graded (bowman prospects especially).

Tanner Houck and Jarren Duran

To a lesser extent, these are similar to the Bobby Dalbec and Alex Verdugo purchases. I mostly just wanted to cover my bases with rookie cards, from a completionist standpoint.

The rest…

Here’s the rest of the cards I felt were scan worth. It’s mostly a mishmash of stuff, but was all finds that I’m happy to have in the collection.

Well, that puts at least a small dent into the backlog. If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking it out. Later!

I was going to…

I was going to…


I was going to…

…but then Quarentinewhile…

Matt “Doc” Perry

June 11th, 2021

I was going to post about cards I got.

Then I was going to post about life, the universe and everything.

Then 2020 happened, and all that went right out the window.

Then I was going to post about the glories of working at home and how I love it.

Then I was going to post about cards again.

Then I was going to post about card projects, and how I’ve been so busy.

Then life got busy.

Then a family member passed away, and I just didn’t have the heart for it.

Then buying cards got weird. And expensive. And retail was literally insane.

Then card supplies got insane, and stuff just piled up on the shelf.

Then I took a look at my disaster of a card shelf and said, “yeah, I should probably do something about that”. Then I didn’t.

Now I don’t know what to post about anymore.

Cards seem so… I dunno, uninteresting at the moment. The pandemic really killed my interest in getting more. It wasn’t worth the effort. I had to fight to find any. Waiting in line at Target, at 8am, on Fridays, was just stupid. Top-loader shortages are stupid. The whole “scalpers ruining everything” just kind of, well, ruined everything. It’s the same with a PS5, and computer parts, and just about anything else people are looking for.

It kinda forces you to re-evaluate your priorities. Cards just weren’t a priority. Doesn’t mean I didn’t get any, I did. They just weren’t a driving force or motivation last year.

Family and work were, and always will be, more important. So I took time to focus on that. I really do enjoy working from home. I never really plan to go back to an office. I can do 99.7% of my job remotely, and since my employer is cool with that, it’s really worked out for the best. I can be home with my wife and child, who I love spending time with. I can have lunch with them every day. I can take 5 minutes to help them with something, or run a quick errand, and it’s really such a better work/life balance.

Other work has been interesting too. I’ve continued to do a bunch of custom card projects. I’m not 100% sure I can show them off or not, but it’s probably at least safe to talk about. After the President cards, the guys at SuperBreak and I had a good thing going, so we’ve continued to work on several projects together. I put the entire 2Hype 1st Edition set together. If you’re into Youtube people and/or console gaming, you’ve probably heard of them. Then I worked on some autos for a fairly well know Yankee’s prospect. Then a few sample cards for other YouTubers and gaming celebrities. Most recently I’ve been working on another historic based project/set, including a big base card checklist and single/double/triple relics and a few cut autos. It’s probably the biggest one to date.

I’ve also been considering turning those projects into an actual, proper thing. A design studio/LLC, set up properly, for all the freelancing.

That’s about where I’m at. I’ve piles and piles of stuff to scan and show… but if I’m being entirely honest, that’ll take a while, and the chances of it all getting posted are low. So… how about I just put these pictures here, and we can say “if it happens, it happens”, and we all won’t hold our collective breathes.

Not that you were. The odds of someone still reading anything here is probably quite low. I’m sure you’ve all left by now. And that’s ok.

Just wanted to say that I was still here, and doing stuff, and I hope everyone else is doing well and everyone stayed safe and health.