So much going on in April, I haven’t even had a change to write recently. I’ve been working all week, and working extra photo shoot on the weekends. I’m just wiped out. On top of that, we had some remodeling work done in our office and removed a few walls to make the space more “open concept”, which is a nice corporate way of saying “shitty” and “we want to be able to see what you’re doing”. If I ever meet the person responsible for that shift in corporate culture I’m going to be sure to kick him square in his Italian dress slacks. So, we packed up everything, moved two suites further down the hall, squatted in a conference room for 5 days, then took 3 days moving everything back and rearranging our new space.

The upside of all of that is that I now get a “window office”, without the walls to make it an office. I’ll call it a “window corner” instead. The downside is that I’m now sitting in what used to be the server closet, complete with it’s over-zealous air conditioning system. It’s 50 degrees in my corner, and 75 in the rest of the office. Not that I mind being slightly cooler, but my hands are turning blue and my glasses fog up whenever I cross the room to get coffee. They need to come fix this.

In other news, I did some minor upgrades to the old personal PC. I’m rocking a new GTX 650 and 2 new sticks of memory. The only trouble I had was since I was now way over 4gb of ram, I needed to use the 64-bit version of Windows 7, instead of the 32-bit I was running before. That’s ok though, I have a legit copy of Win7, and had the install disc handy. I pop it in, get everything rolling, only to realize that the disk only has the 32-bit version on it. Whoops, my bad, used the wrong disc. I pull out the box, and the 64-bit sleeve… and no disc. I have no idea where I put it. I have a, for once, completely legit copy of Windows 7 and I’ve completely lost the disc. Thankfully I know someone with a TechNet subscription and they grabbed me the ISO. That’s my project for this weekend. Hopefully it should go smoothly.

Lastly, I haven’t forgotten about those boxes of cards that I have all packed and ready. Free cards for you guys still takes some money on my end, and I’m just waiting for pay day, then they’ll be on their way. Scouts honor.