The results of the three group breaks I was in this month both arrived last week. Kyle over at Juuust a Bit Outside and Sam from The Daily Dimwit each had awesome breaks in August, and since they both had similar products, I’d combine them both into a single post.

First up, Series 2 from Sam’s break. Not really much to say about flagship Topps at this point.

Next up, Upper Deck Artifacts. Truthfully, I’ve never put together a “set list” for these because at some point I took a look at the checklist, saw a grand total of 4 Red Sox, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got them all at this point. If I remember correctly, the 4th is a Daisuke, which I know I have. I’d put it on the “set complete” list, but do 4 cards really count as a set?

Ah, now we’re talking. These were part of a Bowman Platinum swap between Sam and I. I sent 6 or 7 from his needs list his way and he sent these along with the break cards. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a green Pedroia and both a green and a gold Lester.

Even better than Platinum is this years Topps Finest. These are really slick. These were the base cards from the box…

…and these are the numbered parallels. Both out of 199. Very nice!

Next up, from Kyle’s Break #13. He mixed it up with some UD Spectrum, SP Rookie Edition and Gypsy Queens. I didn’t scan any of the GQ, I figured you’ve seen those by now.

The highlights of all those include a couple nifty cards, like…

A green Spectrum parallel for ManRam…

…and this beautiful card that Kyle just threw in! A Buchholz “Gold Rush” redemption card. This falls squarely into the “card I didn’t know I needed” category. These are really nice looking and I’ll have to chase the rest!

Lastly, you might have notice the Youk card in the bottom corner a couple scans ago. That was my lone Red Sox card from Kyle’s 13th break, 2 boxes of Topps Finest.

It’s unfortunate to only pull a single card, but that’s the way box breaks go some times. I just opened an entire box of Chrome (which I’ll post at a later date) and only pulled two. C’est la vie. My second team in the Finest break was Toronto, and I actually got a diecut from that…

I really like the Lawrie, those diecuts are exceptional. If someone has something equally impressive to swap, I’d consider a trade, but otherwise I might hold on to that one.

So, there you have it. Three breaks, half a trade, one post. A big thanks for Sam for his always awesome breaks, as well as Kyle for not only one, but TWO breaks, and for surprising me with some extra goodies. Thank you both!