I’m just going to post this right up front…

Normally, I would be posting my various goodies from a recent group break but I think this is a far more interesting topic for discussion. Plus, you don’t really want to see any more Opening Day and Topps Unique anyway. I can tell.

I need to say, right off the bat, that I think Kyle is even more upset about this than I am, and that things like this simply happen, and that it’s no one’s fault, and certainly not his. Kyle hosts some of the best group breaks around, and I’m extremely happy to have been and, going forward, continuing to be a part of them. He always opens great stuff and is just an all around great guy. When he opened this last week, I know his heart sank when he saw it. He deserves major kudos for contacting me personally and trying to make it right, even though there was no need to on his part.

So, the question is, what to do about it? I’ve reached out to Topps via email, and on Twitter, and haven’t heard back yet. I’ve heard that in the past they’ve made good on missing swatches and patches and at least offered something in return. The problem with this one might be that it’s a product from 2009. I can’t see them giving me a 2012 product for it, and I doubt they have any of these just sitting around.

Has anyone ever has Topps replace a card, or offer a different card in exchange for something? If so, who did you contact, and how did it get resolved?

And, as a follow up, if Topps won’t do anything, what should I do with it? Is it completely worthless, or does the limited (49/50) printing hold at least a tiny bit of residual value, perhaps to a big Thome or Indians fan?


Oh, and in case you want a close up view of fabric adhesive, click to enlarge…