A quick heads up to any of you that play video games, or at least, and more accurately, computer games. Steam just launched their annual “Summer Sale” today. This is an awesome annual/seasonal event (Summer Sale and Winter Sale) where Valve and the other publishers on Steam discount games to way below retail price, for a limited time. On top of that, there are daily deals at even lower prices and “Flash Sales” at even lower prices than that! Looking for an entire collection? Those are there too. Entire publishers catalogs for the price of a single game.

Need some examples?

The entire 2K Games Collection, which includes hits like Civilization, Mafia and Borderlands, retail price $220. This week, $49.

Portal 2, $4.99!

Deus Ex, one of last years “Games of the Year”, $7.49

I know most of you aren’t gamers, but it’s worth mentioning that casual games and cross-platform games are on sale too. I’m sure most of you have played a PopCap game like Bejeweled or Zuma. All 33 games that PopCap has ever made, one collection, $49. That’s about $1.50 a game.

Anyway, just wanted to share that the sale is now live. This is how I stocked up on games last year (that I’m still playing this year). It’s well worth it to pick up some “bargain bin” entertainment, even if you save it for later down the road. Friendly word of advice: Check out the sale on it’s final day, the 22nd, game bundles are the same price all week but in case you miss a “daily deal” everything is at it’s lowest price right at the end as well. Anyway, happy gaming!

Steam Summer Sale