So, we’ve reached the end of my Tristar postings. If you hadn’t picked up on the fact that I bought a metric ton of baseball cards by now, this should probably do it. I present, my personal collection. Everything I bought at the show that’s not trade bait related. I’ll highlight a couple along the way, but for the most part, just enjoy the scans.

Also, please note that in order to save time, I just scanned entire binder pages. It was just easier. A lot of the cards are also bagged within the pages, so that’s why there’s weird wrinkle reflections on some of them. There are more hits in there as well, ones I didn’t highlight previously. I also included some random cards I had received previously, that just happened to be on my desk while I was putting the cards in the binder. So, if you see something I mentioned in a previous post, it’s most likely because it was on my desk and adding it to the pages made sense at the time. Enjoy.

A 1959 Ted Williams set by Fleer, highlighting moments from Teddy Ballgame’s life. There was a fantastic one of Ted in a WW2 bomber jacket, heading off to war, but I opted for this one because I thought it was a little more special to Red Sox lore. That guy on the right? That’s Tom Yawkey. The guy solely responsible for taking the 111 loss Red Sox in 1933 and turning it into one of the most legendary franchises in baseball history. Love’em or hate’em, Tom Yawkey is responsible for the Red Sox current existence.

Now that’s a sexy pile of Legendary Cuts. More! More!

Woah. Now we’re talking. But I thought you said you got a lot of refractors…

That doesn’t seem like a lot… where’s the rest…. oh, never mind…

There you have it, the whole enchilada. I can’t say enough times how much fun I had and how much cool stuff I found. I completely destroyed my budget but you know what, it was worth it. I had been saving up for this for a while and it felt really good to do something nice for myself for once. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed reading all this and checking out the cards. Next week it’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming and I promise not to bore you to tears with any more of these card show posts.