Sam posted his “Goals for the Tristar Show” yesterday and I thought I’d do the same. They’re not quite as lofty as his (collect the signatures of an entire baseball team), but I think this show is a perfect opportunity to make great headway in a hobby I’ve really come to enjoy. These aren’t ranked in any sort of order of importance. I would love to accomplish them all, or at least make a dent in them, but just buying a couple really cool cards this weekend is going to make me tremendously happy.

  1. Finish off current sets – I have a fair number of random sets that I need less than 10 cards to complete, many less than 5. I’d love to pick up those cards and finish off some team sets. Everything I need is base, so I can’t imagine it would even put a dent in my budget, but it’ll be the time consuming part of the day.
  2. Double my auto/relic collection – I have no doubt it’s possible, but the really question will be how much it will cost me. I’ve never been to a card show before, large or small, so in my mind I’m picturing boxes and boxes of “hits” for $1. That’s where I’ll be. I want as many sub-$5 hits as I can find. With a collection as small as mine, having just started collecting last year, I’m going for quantity at this show. Quality will come later. I’m sure I’ll come across some nice triple autos or trifecta, holy grail, uber-cards at the show for $100 a pop, but I’d much rather get 50 hits than 1 super hit. Just this once I want to feast on the cheap cardboard. 🙂
  3. Find a 1980 complete set – I know, it’s stupid. 1980 was a terrible card year. I get it. It’s also the year I was born. I just want this one, for me.
  4. Buy a hobby box – As insane as it sounds, I’ve never opened a hobby box. I’m too cheap. I’d normally rather buy discount blasters. For once I want to see what all the fuss is about. Sub Goal – If I finish Goals 1-3 with money to spare, maybe buy a couple boxes and host a break.
  5. Refill the trade bait – I’ve made some really awesome trades with some great guys over the past couple months, and I’m very glad I did. I got some really cool cards in return and I’ve come to recognize the true generosity that exists in the baseball card blogger community. I’ve also realize how important it is to have some non-personal collection stuff available if someone wants to make a trade. I’ll keep my eyes open for anything cool that I think you guys might enjoy, and I’ll definitely be posting a whole lot of new stuff after the weekend.
  6. Enjoy the show – As I mentioned, I’ve never been to a show before. I’ve been to literally hundreds of other trade shows before, so I know the atmosphere, but I’ve never gone to a show to BUY anything before. I want to wonder through boxes of $0.01 cards, I want to browse the super hits, I want to see it all. Most of all, I want to have a good time, open some packs, find some hits and hang out with my friends

That’s about it. It’s Thursday, just two more days. I can’t wait! Also, if anyone is actively looking for anything that they might have at a show like this, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep my eyes open while I’m there.