For quite a long time now I’ve been blocking search engines. Mostly just to cut down on blog spam. I realized that while it’s easy to stay in my own little bubble, it really doesn’t make much sense. The point of a blog is an outward opinion, shared with the masses. A voice in the crowd that you can call your own. No one is trying to change the world or anything, but on rare occasions I’ve been known to make valid points. Why hide those from the world? So, from this day forward, this blog is no longer blocking itself voluntarily from the world. No more shelter, no more quite corner of the internet. If you’ve recently discovered this blog, than welcome. I hope you enjoy the nearly 10 years of randomness I’ve been known to produce. Also, please feel free to share the site, link to it from your own blog (which I hope many of you are already doing) and make liberal use of the discussions and comments. This also means a slight reduction in the highly personal posts, which, let’s be honest, are pretty scarce anyway. Don’t worry, ranting and raving will still be in fine form, that’s not going anywhere.

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring this blog, I’m taking submissions from anything vaguely related to my interests. Anything hobby related, computer, video game, sports, food or entertainment. Bandwidth isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Please contact me if you feel like your company would be a good match for sponsorship or if you have anything you’d like reviewed. I do that as well.

Matt out.

//insert Reel Big Fish song, you know which one…