We get a special treat this week, Chris will be visiting with his girl friend Erin for a long weekend. They’re flying in tonight and will head back out around lunch time on Monday. We’ve spent the majority of the week cleaning up the house and getting ready for them. I think they’ll officially be our first guests at our house and we’re happy to have them.

We actually went a little overboard and did a bunch of home repairs/improvements that we had been neglecting over the past couple months. We sanded and repainted an entire set of deck chairs and rocking chairs for our backyard, Lauren and her dad created and entire mosaic patio table, we replaced light fixtures, light bulbs, and other assorted things and even hung some new curtains in the guest room. So, if anyone else ever wants to come visit, Casa del Matt is ready to receive you, lol.

I’m excited Chris is visiting, I haven’t seen him in forever. Hopefully we’ll get to do some cool stuff while he’s down here. I think today and tomorrow we’ll probably do the touristy stuff and sight-seeing and just get a little dinner. Saturday we’re going to be a little more ambitious and Chris might be coaxed into playing paintball with me. I’ll see if I can’t round up a few more guys and make a day of it. Saturday night we’ll have a little BBQ going down, complete with Margarita machine (thanks for lending that to us Davis’). Sunday we’re going to try and catch an Astros game and just relax a little. Sounds like a good weekend to me. Hopefully they have fun too.