Lately I’ve been getting inspired by folks like Jason Santa Maria, Bob Haro and Jim Barraud’s Manifest theme. I’ve always been a fan of minimalistic design and after a couple recent projects I’ve been wanting to do something like that for myself.

But before I get too crazy, let me bounce an idea off you guys, more for technical reasons than anything else. While I enjoy minimalism very much, I also like the dynamic way that minimal designs can change. Does anyone think it’s possible for WordPress to be set up or designed to change it’s CSS file for every post? Has anyone ever seen that sort of thing before? I know JSM does it with Expression Engine, but with all the advances in WP these days, I wonder if it could handle the load. There would obviously have to be a “base” template in case a custom template isn’t defined, but can anyone think of a way to designate a template per post. There is the option to do that with “pages” to a limited extent, but posts aren’t that flexible. A page can be defined using a template different from the rest of your site so you can do things like have a portfolio section with a more unique layout, different from your blog.

It’s an interesting question. One that might be worth researching a little. Any ideas fellas?