Every once in a while, someone will say something or do something that, while slightly ambiguous, let’s you know that you’re doing a good job at work or that they appreciate your effort. This also extends, due to our times, into realms of “job security”. A kind of “I guess they like me” sort of feeling. These are all good signs and provide brief moments of satisfaction and happiness. Your boss taking you out to lunch for example. That’s a good sign. The office refrigerator being stocked with primarily your favorite kind of beverage, also a good sign.

In my case, it was a purchase order that was placed on my desk. A fairly scary looking document with lots of PR numbers, inventory numbers, serial numbers, etc. On the surface, it looked like more work. However, once I realized what it was a purchase order for, there was no elevator that could move fast enough to get me downstairs to turn in said paper work. What my boss had left on my desk was a purchase order for this, with my name on it for the “receiving person”. I guess it’s a good sign. They apparently like me.

My first thought was utter surprise, “Holy crap, I’m getting a laptop.” Which was quickly followed by “Oh no, now I’ll be one of those people.” Which eventually turned back into “wait a minute, I don’t care, cause holy crap, I’m getting a laptop!” Then it was relief when I realized the rest of you yahoos have Mac laptops and you’re completely normal…


…ok, well, at least you DO have Mac laptops.


…I’ll take pictures when it gets here. I’m going to name her Audrey.