Throwing caution (and non-installable cable) to the wind, I signed up for AT&T’s new fiber U-Verse service this week. As you may remember from last time, a tree had fallen on my potential for cable internet and the estimate to get everything in the neighborhood back up and running was the end of the month. That just wasn’t going to work. It was too expensive to begin with and not having it for a whole month wasn’t sitting well with me. With freakish timing, mere minutes after finding out the diagnosis from Comcast, a rep from AT&T called saying U-Verse was now available in our neighborhood. That’s really all it took.

The install is scheduled for the week of the 20th, but it wasn’t all magic pie and fairy dust getting there. I had to go through four different customer service reps, a couple of calls to a manager and a couple of revisions to my package to get to that point. Seems there was a sticking point about my credit card. I don’t have one. I don’t believe in them, as a principle. They required one for the install, as a security deposit option for the hardware. I gave them my debit card number and apparently they can tell it wasn’t a non-bank issued card. I went round and round with them about it. They kept saying that a “real” credit card is more secure and a bank card isn’t. I pressed the managers on the fact that my “bank card” is in fact a real card that I get cash back on, get points from and has exactly the same consumer protections as a “real card.” Eventually I won and thus the service was scheduled.

What amazes me is the speed and depth of the package. Compared to the Comcast package, it’s really quite stunning. Here’s the break down:

Comcast: 72, including local
AT&T: 200, plus local

Comcast Cable Modem: 5mbps down, 384k/up
AT&T Max Elite: 12mpbs down, 1.5mbps up

Comcast: VoIP, which kills bandwidth
AT&T: Regular phone line, not over the fiber

Comcast: 1 DVR per TV, extra charge
AT&T: 4 Stream DVR. 1 box, 4 TVs, 4 recordings at once.

Comcast: $99 for 6 months, plus DVR charge. $110 now, $160 after.
AT&T: $89 for 12 months ($10 disc on internet). $99 after.

Comcast: wanted to charge $35 to “move” the service.
AT&T: $200 VISA gift card for switching!

Bye Bye Comcast. Hello sweet sweet fiber to my curb!

Of course getting connected again is only part of my house projects. I also hit up Lowe’s for about $100 worth of supplies yesterday.

I replaced a shower head, extended a gutter drain spout, got about a million random light bulbs, got a new dryer vent hood to keep all the little critters out of the dryer (old one broken in the storm), got replacement pieces for things like light fixtures, the mailbox and some furniture and I still have to go back for more later. I’m actually kind of enjoying it. Random patch jobs and little repairs are about the extent of my handiness. I’ll need to defer to the experts (father and father-in-law) to show me the way in terms of installing things like ceiling fans and light kits. But I did hook up the gas washer and dryer, so, really, how hard could that stuff be? lol.

So much to do, so little time.