I wasn’t a huge fan of the first game. I wasn’t a huge fan of Crysis either. But this video makes FarCry 2 look very very interesting. That’s quite possibly the most feature rich level editor I’ve seen that’s also seemingly incredibly easy to work with. If you catch it, for the first second or two, they show the button configuration of a Xbox 360 controller. This is the console version of the editor. I can only imagine the PC version.

A whole host of games have shipped with level editors. That’s nothing new. What is new is the ease of use and console availabillity of the editor. That makes it 1000x more accesable to people who might normally not use it otherwise. As much as I love Half-Life, it’s editor in the Source engine isn’t entirely intuitive. It takes a little time and effort to get that thing up and running. Halo 3 is the only thing that comes close with it’s “Forge” mode, but you’re really only editing game variables and item/vehicle placements. That’s pretty cool, but this FarCry 2 editor could really take it to the next level, especially if the maps are able to be shared among their respective communities.

FarCry 2 wasn’t on my radar at all. I knew about it but I wasn’t planning on picking it up when it came out, if ever. This might have changed that.