So the douchebag calls me. “Hey buddy” he says, “We’re all finished up here, I cleaned up the floor and I think that fridge will be ok, I wiped most of it up, I think it just needs a good cleaning. Maybe I’ll go get you guys some stainless steel polish.”

I didn’t think I could be floored twice in 24 hours. I was. His level of retardation is so high, there’s really little doubt that he’s done this before because obviously the fumes have eaten HIS BRAIN.

I asked him “so you guys are completely done, you’re leaving right?”. I want him as far away from me as possible when I go over there, or else I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions.

“Yeah Buddy, where would you like me to leave the key?”

“On the counter, next to the lock box (which holds the key for the contractors). You can lock the handle of the back door from the inside and go out that way.”

“Ok, will do” and he hangs up.

An hour later I go over to check on it. The house is completely wide open. Front door, open to the world. Not just unlocked, but OPEN. Back door, same thing. Windows, open too. Key? Nowhere to be found.

So, they’re either not done and he’s coming back, which might be the case because there are still tools EVERYWHERE. Or, he’s the biggest fucking idiot alive. I’m figuring it’s a 50/50 split between the two.

This time I brought both the professional video camera from work as well as my little Powershot so I could document it even more. You can see the latest photos here. They include such gems as “the rust he tried to wipe off and obviously couldn’t” and more damage to my freezer as well, which I’m becoming increasingly concerned with.

We’ve contacted the Kenmore rep and they’re sending someone out on Tuesday to inspect the damage and tell us if the door can be replaced or if the entire unit needs to go. I’ll get them to look at the freezer as well.

I’ll also see if I can’t encode that video and put it up as well. It’s, umm, “educational” as to the level of stupidity I’m dealing with.

Thanks for the links and the concerns. He says he wants to “make things right”, so I’m going to give him that chance, but I’m also not stupid. I’ve got the PDFs to file in small claims court already printed out.

He has until the weekend.