It’s Monday, and I’m back to the grind. But that isn’t going to stop me from reveling in what was a truly epic weekend. For starters, mid-day on Friday I got the call from my old boss that he had two tickets to the Red Sox game against the Houston Astros. Not only were they impossible to get tickets, they were club level, as in IN the club. This was the first time that the Sox had ever been to Houston so you bet your ass that I was going. I grabbed my buddy Dane, got the tickets and headed to the stadium early. We got there early enough to catch batting practice and have a couple crappy hotdogs and a beer before the game started. The seats were out of this world. First base side, looking right at the base, row 4, club box.

It was a fantastic game. Sox won. Dice K and Paps pitched with some help from Manny Del Carmen in the middle. JD Drew parked one in deep right. Good solid game. Of course, I brought the camera.


More photos in the Photo Gallery.

I also had a great day on Saturday being all manly with the guys from church. We had rented a jack-hammer to break up an old patio Brady had in his backyard so we all took turns running the jack while everyone else watched. It was actually kind of fun. Saturday night we had some awesome fajitas with Matt & Melinda and then Sunday we got to see Wall-E, which deserves a post of its own (which I’ll write up soon) for how awesome it was. One of the best movies this summer and definitely one of Pixars finest.

All in all, a great weekend.

Matt out.