I know most of you know about the “pour shot” saga by now. This kid took one of my photos, edited it, claimed it was his until I called him on it and got DeviantArt involved, it got pulled down, he begged an pleaded with me not to sue him, I was nice and let it slide and ever since it’s run wild around the internet and I can’t seem to stop it.

The image is of course this:


Which is an inverted and recolorized version of my photo here:

Real Version

The only reason I mention this is because it just showed up again under “92 Must See Photographs” over at “Just Creative“, which is a feed I happen to read from time to time. Saying I was shocked is a little of an understatement. Then again, it’s been on Worth1000 as well, which is kind of an honor in an of itself. In this case, not even the ripoff was properly credited, so I don’t even know where this tiny version came from. It’s been included in wallpaper packs, posted in forums, all over the damn place. I’ve gotten past the “people are stealing my stuff” because professionally I’ve grown past it and I’ve done a lot better work since I took that shot, but it still kinda irks me to see it float around in this fashion. What’s worse is that this isn’t even the “real shot”. This was one of my test shots before I took what I considered to be the final version. For reference sake, I put that photo up on Flickr. I had to dig through hundreds of old backup disks to find the originals to resize and post, but this incident spurred me on. So, it’s up on Flickr in a reduced size, and you can see that here:

Some days I don’t understand the internet. Then again, maybe it’s just Monday.