If I’m delayed in posting, often it’s only for the best of reasons. Over the past two weeks, my father in law has been hospitalized with severe intestinal problems, surgery and compications arising from both. He had surgery two weeks ago and just got out of the ICU a day or two ago. There were a lot of post-surgery problems and they were complicated further by bad anesthesia. He’s doing better now, but he’ll be in the hospital recovering for quite a while. He’s not expected to leave the hospital for at least another few weeks, and then a 6+ week recovery at home. So, we’ve been at the hospital pretty much non-stop for two weeks now. We’ve been back to the apartment only to sleep. I’m borrowing a laptop for the time being so I can do little updates like these and try and stay occupied. So, my appologies on in-frequency, but like I said, it’s all for a reason.