I’ve been trying to finish Army of Two for damn near a week now and just haven’t been able to do it simply for lack of time. Yesterday, my day off, I tried at least a dozen times to play, each on being interrupted by power outages (storms yesterday). I’m trying to finish it because I’ll be picking up Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 tonight and I didn’t want anything getting in my way of playing it exclusively. I’ve been bad about my own rule and I wanted to try and avoid breaking it again.

Matt’s Law # 17 – New video games should only be embarked upon after finishing the previously purchased game.

This winter I broke that rule all over the place. Once CoD4 came out, the gloves were off. There were way too many games and too little time. I still haven’t finished Assasins Creed or Guitar Hero 3 on Hard. I usually don’t have a problem putting down a game if it’s lost my interest, I call that the extended version of rule 16.

Matt’s Law # 16 – Video game that are playable after 15 minutes have passed the “15 minute test” and are typically safe to continue being played with a high probability of enjoyment. Games failing the “15 minute test” are subject to mockery and ridicule.

Both the afor mentioned unfinished games have passed my personal 15 minute test with ease. They’re fun games. I just never went back and finished them.

Army of Two has been fun, more fun in co-op mode than single player, but fun none-the-less. Since I doubt I’ll be going back to it outside of a co-op oppertunity, it seemed a shame to never finish it once R6 drops. Sadly, that might not happen. What various reviewers have called “the perfect shooter” is waiting at a friendly neighborhood retail establishment for me. No, I didn’t pre-order it. I don’t do that anymore. I’m talking about Target. Or, if Target is getting theirs tomorrow (as GS and EB have already told me they are… aka: what good are you people?) I’ll begrudgingly go across the street to Wally World because I know they probably have an entire pallet of it sitting, in a shambles, somewhere in their electronics section.

So, if you’re looking for me for the next couple weeks, I’ll be busy whacking terrorist scum.

Matt out.