A very complicated situation started brewing this weekend. It involves people moving to a retirement village and a house being vacant. There was talk about Lauren and I potentially moving into said vacant house. This would be awkward and I’m not sure how much detail I should go into. To simplify things, lets just say that we’ve potentially just bought a house. Now, this is a nice house. Good solid construction, very livable. Not to mention free. There are numerous downsides however, all of which need to be weighed against the major upside of having a large rent free living space.

First, our commutes to work would double or potentially triple. In my case it would go from 20 minutes up a rarely used highway to an hour and a half up the most major freeway in the state. Second would be the surrounding area. It’s really far away from everything we like/enjoy about where we’re living now. No restaurants, no stores, no friends, no church, no convenience. Third, it’s really too close to things I don’t enjoy. The dirt mall, bad movie theaters, lots of congestion, lots of traffic. It’s also really, really close to my in-laws. Almost too close. I love my in-laws (that’s actually not a lie), they’re very nice people. But it would be like Everybody Loves Raymond, they’d be right down the street. For those who would understand the analogy, it would be like moving from Amherst NH, to the old stinky part of Nashua NH. Fourth, the house needs a lot of work. A lot. New everything would be required before moving in. Nothing major or really time consuming, but everything “little” thing. For example, it would need new carpet in every single room, new sheet rock in some places, a new paint job, stuff like that. It wouldn’t need new plumbing or new windows or a new roof, nothing crazy. There’s a bunch of little stuff, but those are most of my major concerns.

So, I’m between a very interesting rock and a very sharp hard place. On one hand, it would make life affordable. We wouldn’t be paying rent anymore. Lauren could get a new car. I could pay off school loans and we could save for a real house of our own. On the other hand, there is a lot of work to be done, a lot of downsides and life would be hard for at least a couple years.

This is definitely something that’s going to need to be discussed at length before I decide on anything.