This is really sad, but I apparently have come down with a huge case of “artists block”. I can’t find any inspiration for the two ideas I have in my head. Maybe if I talk them out (and get some feedback), it’ll cure my blockage of artistic brain matter. So, here goes.

1. Generic category icons
What I really need, for both here (on this site) and at, are some generic category icons for posts. Take a look at SN and you can see where the new design there is headed and you’ll get a better idea for what I’m talking about. Basically I need 256×256 pixel, PNGs, that graphically represent things like “movies, games, music”. I’ve dug through tons of examples of generic icons and I’ve yet to find anything to inspire me. It’s really such a simple prospect that it’s driving me batshit to not come up with anything.

2. Fruit Bowling League and Team logos.
Yeah, you read that correctly. I might have mentioned in the past that I’ve helped create a new sport. No, I’m not kidding. Really. A small group of guys, including myself, were quite bored at a church Thanksgiving party last year. The owner of the house we were having the party at was trying to think of the best way to dispose of an extra pumpkin. Someone suggested why not roll it down the street. That concept seemed to funny not to try, and thus Fruit Bowling was born. I’ll post a seperate article detailing the rules of the sport, but for the moment let’s just say that it’s caught on. We have teams, we’ve established rules and requirements, we’ve tested which produce rolls the furthest and fastest. We’re actually quite good at it. Needless to say, the PFBL (Professional Fruit Bowlers League) needs a logo. I had thought something like a giant melon or gourd flanked by goal posts/orange street cones, but I can’t quite get that to gel in Photoshop. We haven’t picked team names yet, but presumably we’d need logos for those as well. Something like “Produce Chuckers” or “Fruit Tossers” or “Melon Lobbers”, I dunno. How do you make a mean looking cantaloupe?

There you have it. Any suggestions guys?