It’s a simple task I thought. I’ll just add a widget for my Amazon Wish List. Easy as can be right? Wrong! Apparently no one out there has made anything even Amazon related since WordPress 1.5, let alone a widget version. So a pre-made widget is out. What can I make myself? Well, Amazon has to provide some way for people to find a wishlist. So I spend way too long reading through some Amazon SDK shit, looking for a way to make a wishlist into an RSS feed, or something else usable. Hours later I find out that if you LOG OUT of Amazon, there’s a friggin RSS icon on the top of your wishlist. YOU don’t get to see it, it’s not available to YOU. But anyone else in the world can easily see it. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. But wait, it gets better. The RSS feed from Amazon is “special”, which means it’s Amazon’s own special brew of dumb. I tried 4 different RSS readers, 3 of them didn’t work. Finally, I got it to show up in Thunderbird. So, using that exact URL, the one that worked, I added a simple little RSS reader widget, and put that as the feed. Does it work? NO! As you can see, I added it to my sidebar. Anything come up? Nope. For testing purposes I put a text link immediately below that. That takes you directly to the feed without a problem, yet somehow it’s not a valid feed according to WordPress. Where the hell am I, the friggin Twilight Zone? This is retarded. It’s an RSS feed! Arrrrrrrrgggggggg!

Screw it. Deleted the broken RSS widgets. Now there is a button. Screw the internet.