Word just dropped YESTERDAY about a multiplayer beta for Call of Duty 4 on the 360. Of course, reading the news today, I headed over to their website to sign up. That was of course, before the 10 layers of bullshit I had to sit through. First off, going to the homepage gives you nothing but a link to more information (unless you enjoy special sneak previews of the packaging materials). It’s bigger than shit. A big giant button that says “click me for more information”. That link is of course “for members only”. Clicking on “register” gives you the normal “join our forums” bullcrap with required fields for everything including your hometown. Really? For a beta? After you type all your hopefully fake information in and click ok, you’re greeted with a wonderful message: Sorry, but you’re not eligible to join at this time. WTF? You just announced the beta? The site then provides you with a link to Activision’s corporate site, which is absolutely no help whatsoever. Reading online, there seems to be a good amount of confusion. Details provided by Activision say that anyone that can answer three trivia questions can get a beta key, for as long as they have them, first come first serve. What the hell do I have to register at some bullcrap marketing site for?

Let me get this strait, you want me to give you all of my personal information, for a website that’s already down, so that I can get a beta key for a game that comes out in October. This is August right? Should multiplayer testing be…ummm… done! Being exclusive douchbags about a beta hurts everyone. I was personally pissed when I got rejected to play the Halo 3 beta. They had so few tickets that they basically went to people from the press and hard core fan boys who do nothing else but jerk off to pictures of the Master Chief. I’m sorry, I read about it a day late, I was busy living my freaking life. If you’re not on these sites, hitting refresh over and over when this site happens, you simply don’t get in. You know what Activision, I was excited about CoD4, I thought it was going to be cool, but now I’m going to buy something else in October and wait till your shitty ass game is in the “greatest hits” section for $20. Jog on!