Really, that headline was just an excuse to use the word “ilk”.

I’ve decided to delete my profiles on both of those services. Also, I’m going to kill both the Vox account and my Jaiku account. Basically, I start these things and never use them, and the “social” aspect of both Facebook and MySpace is just something I don’t really care for. I’m all for “web 2.0”, whatever the hell that is, but with more and more companies mining data from places like that, I’d rather just not have anything up at all. Call me paranoid, but I’d rather avoid the whole Minority Report scenario down the road. Plus, I’ve read some scary things about who can actually see all your profile data, who those people work for, and what big corporate and government machines want to get their hands on all that infomation. Call it “tin foil hat” time if you want. Anyway, in order to delete said profiles, I have to delete all contacts/friends/messages/etc from within those profiles. So, don’t take it personally that I’ve removed anyone as a friend. I’m just deleting the profile.

Matt out.