6 Years and Running

That’s right kids. 6 whole years of listening to me talk about every topic humanly imaginable. I made my first post to a beta Blogger account on April 29th, 2001. I’ve been through 5 different content managment systems, 2 additional web-only services and a whole host of other crap. There’s been nearly 1400 posts and probably even more that where lost to the ravages of time (and Moveable Types crappy import/export system!)

I love this journal. It’s been a great run so far. I’m proud of what I’ve written, I’m proud of keeping something like this going for this long, and I’ll be proud as hell when I hit all the milestones to come.

I was talking to my friend Matt last weekend and I had shown him this blog as an example of what a CMS was, and what WordPress does. He took the time to go back and poke around and he said to me the next day “Wow, you’ve had that journal forever, you must be one of the original people to have a blog”. I don’t know if I’d be considered in the “original” crowd, but I have certainly had this going for a while. I know there were some people experimenting with this type of thing before I was. I think it’s safe to say that I was an “early adopter”. Actually, most of you were right along with me. Chip and Jason still have their livejournal accounts, Chris had something funky (was it Manilla?) around the same time too.

It feels kinda good to actually be considered at the front of something. I know where not breaking any barriers here, but when teeny-bopper highschool kids are starting their blogs, write a dozen posts, then abandon it forever, it gives me a happy feeling of longevity. That we’re doing something that hasn’t been a waste of time. That, because it’s now becoming mainstream, we can honestly say “Yeah, we were doing that years before anyone else” and it’ll be 100% true.

Guys, we kick ass. Celebrating six years of posting should also be a celebration for you as well. You guys have been at this as long as I have. So, pick up your glasses, here’s a toast:

“To the wonderful ride it’s been. To all the post we’ve made. And to all the posts that are yet to come. Cheers!”


Added a few plugins today. Extended Live Archives are now rocking the “Archives” page. Check’em out in their ajax-ish goodness. Also, just for giggles, I installed Now Reading and Star Ratings. I’ll add Now Reading to the sidebar later, and Star Ratings should be active in the posts. So, as a test…

[rating:3.5] – This should be three and a half stars.