With my vast wedding experience, I’ve decided to coin a new term. I’m hoping it gets absorbed into the daily English lexicon. Are you prepared?

Wedding Lesbians

The definition of a wedding lesbian is any girl who, after any number of alcoholic beverages, “dirty dances” with another girl, typically at a wedding reception. These girls are not lesbians in their daily sexual orientation. No, these are girls are only interested in other girls after a half dozen martinis and while listening to “Brick House”. Normally the effects of “wedding lesbianism” wear off after an hour or two or whenever the DJ plays something slow, whichever comes first.

See, you learn something new every day. Now, the next time you’re at a wedding and you see this phenominon, don’t hesitate to point out these people to other guests. When they ask you what on earth your problem is, just tell’em I said it was ok.