I’m honestly amazed that people like Fall Out Boy are allowed to make records. I’m even more amazed that the new album (Infinity on High) deputes at #1 in the US and #2 in England, you know, where good music is supposed to come from. What the hell?

Something is seriously wrong with the public that buys this crap. It’s either that you people (the public, not my readers) are fucking stupid and deaf or it really is a conspiracy. At this point I’m leaning towards conspiracy, and I’m really not a conspiracy theory sort of guy. There’s no way anyone with a choice is listening to this stuff.

Then of course, we get into the whole “the radio plays what they want you to hear” thing, which, is nearly 100% accurate. I’ve literally heard people say “oh no, not this song again” when listening to the radio, and by the end they’re humming along. TURN THE RADIO OFF.

This is not an exageration: I have not listened to FM radio in 8 years. Now, I’m not counting things like background music in an elevator or a resturant, that sort of stuff in unavoidable, but I have no actively listened to the radio in a very very long time.

I can’t speak with any sort of authority on the frequency of air time on radio stations any more, but I’m guessing that the “pop rock” stations in every major market probably played the hell out of that “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” track. It sucks a lot. Not a little, a lot. The album goes downhill from there.

Track 8 has clapping, Track 6 has a piano. What kind of crap is this? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bigger attempt to sell out in my life. Every single track is radio friendly. They’re going to be playing singles off this for years. I bet they’ll pick up a Grammy too. How pathetic is that.

Please, for the good of our society, don’t buy this dribble. Don’t even pirate this dribble. It’s that bad.

Are there any review sites for music in the same style as RottenTomatoes is for movies? I’d love to read what other people think about this.