One of my fondest memories from my highschool days is hoping in the car with Chris and racing down to Newbury Comics to get the latest Global Underground CD. Techno was our music choice of the day and nothing filled that “floor filling anthem” hole like double CD sets from across the pond. Well, Chris, buddy, this one is for you…

Global Underground 1-11 CD Box set.

It’s got some good ones…

GU001 Tony De Vit – Tel Av
GU003 Nick Warren – Prague
GU004 Paul Oakenfold – Oslo
GU005 Tony De Vit – Tokyo
GU006 John Digweed – Sydney
GU007 Paul Oakenfold – New York
GU008 Nick Warren – Brazil
GU009 Sasha – San Francisco
GU010 Danny Tenaglia – Athens
GU011 Nick Warren – Budapest

All in a big ass box for £49. Not too bad. They’ve also got the 12-21 box set too.

The only one they’re missing is 002, which I think was that weird Digweed set. Or was 002 “the tshirt”. I can’t remember.