You might think that because I played 1942 and BF2, that I have a unwavering devotion to the series. That somehow my enjoyment for the other effects my opinion about the current title. You’d be mistaken.

BF2142 is by all accounts a horrible game. Not only does it use the same engine as BF2, there’s no noticible upgrade to the visuals. They didn’t even try to improve it. Also, by the same token, since its the same engine, the game suffers for most, if not all, the same horrible bugs.

The gameplay has been altered in such a way that the already stale “conquest” style of play is made worse as its evolved into “titan mode”. Titan Mode is a half assed attempt at Conquest followed by an even more half assed attempt at “keep out”, something even school kids get tired of playing.

So, no upgraded visuals, no improved game play, what exactly does it have?

Ads. In game fucking ads. Not only are they ads, they’re ads that are fed to your computer via a very spyware-ish system. In some cases REQUIRING that you uninstall a windows service patch in order to play. I’m sorry, any system that requires you to open up a security hole in order to work isn’t much of a system at all. Why would a programming team write an ad system that relies on a windows vulnerability? Because they didn’t want you to know about it. If you’re not patched, then the game works just fine and is very sneaky snaeky about its ad system.

So, ads, spyware, windows security holes AND basic game bugs and glitches. Wow.

Basically, Bf2142 is a horrible MOD for BF2 that isn’t any fun to play, makes your machine more vulnerable and makes a considerable amount of ad revenue for EA. Doesn’t that just you a warm fuzzy deep down inside.

Avoid. Avoid like the fucking plague. BF is dead, long live BF1942.