Best. Concert. Ever.

Holy fuck that was awesome. Even the opening bands were good.

Transition started off the night, followed by Whole Wheat Bread. Then it was Streetlight’s turn. Fucking fantastic. The 9mm / Point-Counterpoint / Keasby Nights medly was off the hook. I’ve never seen people jump like that, myself included. After that is was MXPX who played mostly a “best of” show which hit the sweetspot in the crowd and got everyone going. Their cover of “I would walk 500 miles” is definatly best when see live. Then it was Reel Big Fish’s turn. They rocked the house, even covering “Enter Sandman” at one point. Good stuff.

Best concert I’ve been to in a long time. I took my brother-in-law, who was mostly there for SLM, but who had a blast the rest of the night too. There were a few instances of really long transition times between bands, but nothing that spoiled the show.

Good stuff.