By union I mean my own stupid ass. I’m sitting in a oil and lube place getting my cars oil changed and a new inspection sticker. They seemed short staffed, so I might be here a while. My only consolation is that there’s a new Vietnamese noodle house across the street that I plan on trying when I’m done.

At a personal level, I’m really wanting to do something creative. I think my computer case project last month was just what I needed in terms of constructive projects. Now I’m looking for a new one. I’d say that I’d like to redesign this blog, but I want to do that daily, so its hardly a revalation. I’d also like to design a video game. Fuck, I’d love to work in the game industry. I think I could come up with some fantastic games. I’ve read numerous articles that mention the best way to break into the industry is to create something. Levels, models, mods, anything. Actually, as a project, I’d really love to try my hand at a weapons conversion mod for bf2. Tweak the weapons load outs, new skins and animations, that sort of thing. Maybe push it towards the side of fun instead of realistic. Plus most of the BF2 weapons need a serious tweak anyway.

Also, along the same lines, has anyone noticed the downhill side that retailers (both online and B&M) have taken in their attitude and shelf stocking habits in terms of PC games? I walked into EB last week and I couldn’t find the PC section. You know why? Because there wasn’t one. They had the PC games behind the counter and you had to ask for them. I walked into WorstBuy looking for V for Vendetta and it was the same thing. They’re down to half an isle. Online, same thing. Both and now feature pathetic PC sections (actually, identical sections considering they’re the same company now). Its also hard as hell to get good reviews. Places like gamespot, rottentomatoes, ign, 1up, etc, all place PC games well behind consoles in terms of priority. I suppose most of that has to do with the new round of “console wars” but honestly, I’m still waiting for nextgen games to impress me. Things like Gears of War, Assasins Creed and Crysis are going to be so vastly surperior on the PC.

I guess part of that comes from the fact that, as a gamer, I’m incredibly bored right now. There’s NOTHING worth playing for more than “Matts 15 minute test”.

I need a project, or a game, or both.

Well, looks like my car is done. I’m out.