All sorts of stuff going on here at the ranch. First off, I’ve nearly abandoned the idea for SavvyNation. I know, it’s sad, we’ll get through this together. I started to realize that there are far better places for me to get hardware reviews, software reviews, game reviews, movie reviews, etc. The only difference is that I envisioned them all in one place. Then I thought about it. When, EVER, has a site expanded to cover more than one thing and been sucessful. You’ve got game sites, you’ve got hardware sites, seperate. You wouldn’t want ShackNews or RottenTomatoes covering the latest motherboards and you wouldn’t want Tom’s Hardware or DL.TV covering what’s opening at the box office. So, in reality, a mereged content site is a nice idea, but a very impractical one. I’m reworking my idea in my head and maybe something will come of it, maybe not. If not, it’s just one of a dozen domains that I’m not doing anything with. Speaking of which, anyone want to buy I’m kidding.

I don’t really want to get into movies today, I have limited time to post this, but I did want to mention that I caught Superman and Pirates over the past few weekends. Enjoyed them both but I thought Pirates was a little weak. The Ninja agrees. It felt more like a setup to the 3rd movie, which, for it’s own sake, better seriously rock or else I’m calling Matrix-esque sequel shennanegans.

I also checked out a few new games. Prey is very interesting. The Doom3/Quake 4 engine finally gets put to good use along with some VERY innovative gameplay. Kinda borring though. Also, Need For Speed: Most Wanted has grabbed my attention lately. I think it’s more a case of having not played a racing game in a while than really liking it, but it’s a fun sort of “no brain required” game. The music sucks hard though. I really wish that the PC versions of these games would let you get MP3s from your collection to play. Hell, GTA did that 5 years ago, what’s the deal guys? What if I don’t want to listen to “I am Rock” over and over again? Also, a few quick links. First, you NEED to check out the new Portal trailer as well as the new Team Fortress 2 trailer. Crazy stuff. When you’re done with that, fire up Steam and grab a copy of “The Ship“. It’s like Clue, on crack, on a boat… ummm… plus deathmatch. You’ll like it. Promise.

Romey. Out. Bang your monkey.